Super Megaforce Legacy - Power Rangers!

This game is in a flash format that is no longer available for viewing. So here you can only find out and the picture is demonstrative. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by the inability to play.

Play Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Legacy

Select your favorite Power Ranger and unlock every version of it. You have many beautiful levels to pass, that must unlock them. You'll fight with unknown creatures, who besieged the city and want destroy it. Use your super megaforce power to defeat every strong enemy. In your way, collect all the objects, it will be useful for shopping. During the game try to execute combos to build your score. When your power is full use your legendary megaforce by pressing z button.

Controls: arrow keys to move, hit shift to dash, press spacebar to attack, up arrow to jump, hit down to block, hold space for strong attack, press z for megaforce