Dino Charge Dino Duels

Regroup your team for a new fatal confrontation with power rangers dino. In each stage you will meet a new monster that you must defeat, and emerems to be safe.

Play Power Rangers Dino Charge: Dino Duels

Sledge's spaceship is fast approaching the earth filled with the most wanted monsters across the galaxy. His goal is to get his hands on most precious stones called emergems. These mysterious stones will turn Sledge into a undefeated monster. The only help comes from Power Rangers team, who have to use their Dino Charge powers, a difficult task to protect the stones. Each monster will come on line for a direct confrontation with the Power Rangers. Use your every ranger for different levels and help yourself with their skills.

Controls: arrow keys to move, spacebar for attack, hold down for charged attack, collect health boost