Power Rangers Online - Megaforce Super Strike

Come and play power rangers with these new zords, a new war technology with super strike. The megaforce is composed of Galleon, Jet, Trailer, Racer, Marine and a mysterious one that you will be able to unlock at the end of the rounds.

Play Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Super Strike

Choose your favorite Zord of those five images and then select the area you want to play. Your mission is to eliminate all enemy ships and earn as many points by the end of the round. Your points will turn into dollars, money that you can use for various upgrades for your Zord. You can buy these benefits as life, firepower, bullet pierce, multishot, shield and shield blast. You can opt for another Zord if you want, just click the back button and then select Zord button. Points collected will remain in your account, no matter what Zord you choose.

Controls: mouse to interact, up and down arrow to move or mouse, spacebar for shield, collect items