Dino Charge Unleash The Power 2

Choose one of the eight rangers from dino charge you want to start the game with. Your goal is to finish each level well, but it is difficult to overcome all the dangers. For this, you need to unleash the power you have by accumulating emergems. You will be able to play five different levels but first you have to fight the Boss to unlock each area.

Play Power Rangers Dino Charge: Unleash The Power 2

Wait for the game to load so you can enjoy new adventures full of action and mystery with the power rangers. Watch for enemies in each level to annihilate them with your dino charge team. When the powermeter is full, press the down arrow key to activate the Zord and unleash the power, a special weapon that help you eliminate more enemies at once. Search to collect as many energems in each level you are.

Controls: left/right arrow to move, spacebar attack, up arrow to jump, down arrow activate zord