Free Power Rangers Beast Morphers Online

Try the new game from Power Rangers: Beast Morphers, an action-packed game that you'll instantly love. Created on a 3D platform, Beast Morphers is designed to resemble the TV show, with the action taking place in much the same mysterious situations.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Game

This game is based on the Power Rangers Beast Morphers TV series and introduces sequences and action moments that are found in the original ending. Morph-x is in danger of being stolen by minions sent by the evil Evox. Morph-x is an enormous powerhouse that powers the entire city. So Power Rangers needs you to turn things around and get the power source back. Join these rangers and start fighting on the helipad in the game.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers has the menu in German, which is made for that country, but I don't think it's a problem to understand the game menu. You have the instructions explained below:

How To Play: Use mouse to select the ranger you want and control it. Use left corner menu to restart game.