Ninja Turtles vs Power Rangers 2 - Ultimate Hero Clash

This arcade game is like deadly kombat but with characters from the power rangers universe and more. Ninja turtles are present in this game and you have the opportunity to form your fighting partner.

Power Rangers vs Turtles: Ultimate Hero Clash 2

The most realistic game created by Nickelodeon is now available for you to play it online. With 3D graphics, you will surely be pleasantly surprised by the new levels where you'll fight ninja turtles. Select the team you want to represent, select the desired character, and play the way you like most. You have three ways to play: arcade, battle, outlast. You can earn trophies for your favorite team to climb the leaderboard. Besides the characters already know, you can compete against other animal warriors.

Controls: left-right arrow to move, up arrow jump. down arrow block, z-punch, x-kick, space-ultra attack