Power Rangers Megaforce Online - X Borg Blaster

It's easy to play Borg Blaster, just aim and shoot at those bots to hit them in one go. It is a skill game in which the ball must make the best possible route to clear everything.

Play Power Rangers Super Megaforce: X-Borg Blaster

The prince of X-borgs Armada has sent his army on the earth to destroy it. Is time for power rangers to take action and face this x-borg monsters. Whit your gun aim and shoot every bord that you see. Use your mouse to aim the target and shoot. You must touch with one bullet all the borgs to get best score. You have three attemps to shoot all the borgs, use obstacles to redirect the bullet and hit the target. There are many level to pass so use your shooting skill to finish all.

Controls: click on red ranger, hold the click, aim the target and then relase your click to shoot